Hidden Surprise of Chrome Browser!!


As a product of Google, chrome browser is well known to all. It is very popular all around the world. According to statistics chrome is the most popular then Fire-fox and then Internet explorer. Causes of popularity of chrome are excellent feature. There are too many feature are hidden in this browser. In Today’s post I want to share some extraordinary feature of chrome which are hidden in it. Now let’s go..

If you want to get the hidden surprise of chrome, firstly you have to know chrome developer tool, in short it is called ‘dev’ tool. By listening ‘developer’ you might understand that, to use these feature you have to knowledge about programming, no it is your wrong idea, everybody can use this developer tool.
To use this developer tool firstly open this demo page on your chrome browser. Now press crtl+shift+I, by pressing this key you will see developer tool. Now it’s time to discover what are the new in chrome. Let’s go..
1. Rearrange text and image.
Rearrange text and image in a web page is not easy but by using developer tool you can easily. For this firstly you have to open developer tool and then which text and image is to be rearrange just drag it to your desired position. Flow below image.
2. Edit website.

Edit website is not easy and it is not legal. But developer tool help us to edit the web page. To edit page firstly you have to go developer tool and then open console tab, now write this line document.body.contenteditable=true to editable your web page.
3. Show your hidden password

For a long time you login in mail site by clicking ‘remember me’ but you are not memories your password. Developer tool will help. By this tool you can remember your hidden password. For this you have to type text insist of password, in <input type=….>
4. Chrome is a calculator

Chrome browser is acts as excellent calculator. It can calculate mathematical problem. It can also calculate what the difference between two different dates is. Flow the above image and apply in practical field.
5. Change page color

You can easily change your web page color by using developer tool. For this you have to open first chrome developer tool and then you have to go color picker option, in here you can easily change page color.
6. Page information

 Developer tool help you to find page information. As like you want to know that how many website are embedded   in your web site, for this you have to open developer tool and flow the instruction. you have to type this line then you will find peg information.
         urls = $$('a'); for (url in urls) console.log ( urls[url].href );

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