Do you want to upgrade you iphone?

Recently released ios-7 at 20 September 2013 by apple. This company announced that old version of iphone can upgrade this new released operating system. It is a great opportunity for that person who is used the old vision of iphone. Do you have an old version iphone? This post will help you to upgrade your old ios to new ios

What is in ios-7 ?
Apple has brought a lot of change in ios-7. Let we have to know what feature are remarkable in ios-7
     1.The new appearance.
   2. Auto updates system.
   3. Developed browser.
   4.Search by speaking.
   5.Information kept in airdrop.
   6.Photo filter.
   7.Modern control center.
   8.Multi tasking system.
   9.Notification center.
  10.Modern camera.
 Which device will saport iso-7
All kinds of iphone will not support iso-7. We have to know which model will support iso-7
1. Fast generation iphone will not support iso-7.
2. iphone 3G will not support iso-7.
3. iphone-4 will support iso-7 but airdrop will not support.
4. iphone-4s will support iso-7 but airdrop will not support.
5. iphone-5 will support all kinds of feature of ios-7.

Will you upgrade or wait?
 Technology specialist says that if your device will support ios-7 then it is better to upgrade after some day otherwise you will fall any kinds of problem.
 What kinds of problem will face
If you upgrade your device you will not face a lot of problem instantly. Sometime application will not support in your device. Sometime after upgrading ios-7 you will not go back the old ios version.
So you have to better to wait some days. Then you will decide to upgrade.

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