All about I-Phone operating system(ios) part-1

iOS is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, continually redefining what people can do with a mobile device. there many people  present who doesn't know about
ios. basically ios is one kind of mobile operating system. In today's post I try to inform you about ios. 

What is ios?
Ios is mobile operating system which is made by Apple Company. The previous name of ios was iphone operating system. In jun2009 iphone operating system was changed in ios.
Where use ios?
Ios mainly used in apple branded electronics goods like iphone, ipad, ipod etc. presently there are 60 crore products present in world which operate by ios.
Difference with general os
Like general operating system (computer), ios used graphical user interface(GUI) for easily maintain and control the programs. Ios is mainly developed for use in touch screen. As it is developed designed simply so all facility are not present in ios like you cannot manage file and folder, if you run multi program in same time you can only see one program on screen.
Iso, past to present
The first version of ios was released at 11 july,2008 named ios-2 . This version used in Apple-iphone/501.347. From 2008 ios releases latest versons, at last ios-7 was released 18 September 2013. If you want to know more about ios version click here.
Special feature in ios-7
There are some new feature are present in ios-7,let’s go to know about the special feature of ios-7
Control center- Which apps and control are essential in daily life that’s easily and fast control by control center. Form here you can easily start your essential apps.
Notification center- Notification center is remarkable progress in ios-7. User can get daily notification of their daily task by notification center.
Multi tasking- New multi tasking experience is present in new ios-7. In this feature essential apps will daily update automatically.
Camera- new feature is added in camera of ios-7. Still picture, video picture, panorama and square picture can catch by ios-7.

There are many  new feature present in ios-7 like Safari , out looking etc you get more information about ios-7 here.    
In today's post i am ending here, in next post i will try to show more about ios, till then keep reading.

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